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We all know that there are certain foods and drinks that are bad for our health. But what about when they're paired together? It turns out, this could be just as dangerous as eating them separately! In this article we'll look at 20 dangerous food combinations for your diet and health.



White rice is a carbohydrate, and salt is a mineral. Carbs and salts are not good for the body, because they both cause water retention. Rice also contains starch which is converted into sugar in your system, causing further issues with blood glucose regulation and weight gain.

The combination of these two foods can cause bloating and other digestive issues if you're sensitive to their effects (and don't forget about all those hidden sugars!).


When you eat bananas and milk, the sugar in the banana is absorbed into the protein in the milk. This can cause gas, bloating, diarrhea and other digestive problems.

The best thing to do is avoid combining these two foods altogether if you're trying to stay healthy.


Potatoes are a great source of potassium. Potassium helps to maintain the fluid balance in your body and can lower blood pressure, which is especially important if you have hypertension or high blood pressure. Potatoes also contain vitamin B6, which helps your body use protein more efficiently. Finally, they contain a healthy amount of fat (1 gram per cooked potato). But when it comes to salt consumption, potatoes are only moderate contributors—and not nearly enough for those who want to cut down on sodium intake. On average:


Unfortunately, grains and dairy are not a good combination. Both are high in carbohydrates, which slows down the digestive process. The body can't break down lactose (the sugar found in milk) and other sugars that are in dairy products.

As you may know from reading our article on how to lose weight, eating too much starch will lead to an increase in triglycerides—a type of fat that's linked with heart disease. The same goes for carbs: if your diet consists mostly of breads & cereals along with other starchy foods like potatoes & pasta; then chances are that you'll be consuming too many calories daily without getting any exercise or even taking care of yourself properly!


You’ve probably heard that chocolate is a stimulant and can cause you to feel energized. Well, it turns out that ginger and cardamom are also stimulants, so this combination can lead to an increase in your heart rate. Ginger is a diuretic (it helps you pee more), which means it could cause dehydration if taken with chocolate. Cardamom has been shown to be an antispasmodic and carminative (it calms gas), which means it may exacerbate indigestion as well as making you burp!

These two spices aren’t just warming foods—they are warming foods! This means they will increase your body temperature slightly above normal levels: think sweatiness but not feverishness or chills; these spices are more likely to make things feel warm on their own than cause heat exhaustion symptoms like dizziness or fainting spells.


Watermelon is a very sweet fruit that can be eaten on its own. This is a good thing because watermelon has lots of natural sugars to balance out the acidity of tomatoes, which are also healthy foods.

However, when you eat them together, they can cause stomach upset or even diarrhea if you overdo it! Avoid eating watermelon with tomato at all costs—this combo will make your tummy unhappy!


Strawberries are high in vitamin C, which can interact with iron in citrus fruits and make it harder for your body to absorb.

Strawberries and oranges can cause stomach upset.

Strawberries, grapefruit and other citrus fruits contain pectin—a substance that binds dietary fiber together in the digestive system to form gels that help move food through the intestines. This effect can be problematic when you eat these foods at the same time as iron supplements because vitamin C (ascorbic acid) may prevent absorption of iron from those supplements by binding with stomach acid or other components present in your intestines.


Spinach and feta cheese is a dangerous combo because it's high in oxalic acid, which can interfere with the absorption of calcium and other minerals. Feta cheese is also high in sodium, which increases blood pressure and fluid retention. Additionally, both spinach and feta contain natural sugars that can cause insulin resistance if eaten excessively over time. That means you'll be less able to regulate your blood sugar levels as they rise due to carb consumption—which may lead to diabetes or heart disease later on down the road!


Sugar and protein together can cause insulin spikes, weight gain, tooth decay, diabetes and heart disease.

Sugar is the most common carbohydrate on this list of dangerous foods. It's found in many processed foods like cereal bars, granola bars and protein bars. High-sugar foods are usually eaten by people who are trying to lose weight or who already have an unhealthy diet. The problem with eating high-sugar foods is that they cause your blood sugar levels to spike quickly causing you to feel hungry again soon after eating it - which makes you more likely eat more! That's why it's important not only for you but also for anyone else around you who may be watching what they eat because if we don't keep our bodies healthy then nobody else will either!


Apple juice is acidic, while tofu is alkaline. This can upset your stomach if you take apple juice with tofu.

If you're going to eat apples and tofu together, try this combo:

  • Eat a small amount of the apple first before drinking the apple juice (you could drink it straight from the bottle or through a straw). This will help neutralize the acidity of both foods—but only for about 30 minutes! After that time passes, your body will start absorbing more of the apple’s flavor into your bloodstream instead of getting slowly depleted as it did when there was no protein present in its preparation process. If left unchecked though, this could lead to adverse effects such as nausea or vomiting if consumed too quickly after eating something else high-acidity like oranges or lemons which have been known causes problems for some people who suffer from digestive issues such as GERD/heartburn so watch out!


Fruit is a great choice for the end of a meal, but it can be harmful if eaten after meals. Eating fruit right before bedtime can make you sleepy and may cause stomach discomfort. The same goes for eating fruit as your last course of dinner.

Fruit is healthy and contains lots of vitamins and minerals that are good for your body, but they also have high sugar content which means they should be eaten in moderation when trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Risks of this combination:

  • Heartburn. Acidic foods and drinks can cause heartburn, which may be severe enough to trigger a gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). GERD is characterized by regurgitation or burping up of stomach contents into the esophagus, which can lead to acid burning in your chest and throat.

  • Irritation of the esophagus. If you suffer from GERD, eating pickles could irritate an inflamed portion of your digestive tract—causing pain that lasts longer than usual after eating these dill spears and may even last hours after they're gone!


If you're someone who doesn't drink alcohol, but still wants to feel like the effects of alcohol are kicking in, try drinking coffee or tea with your alcoholic beverage. The caffeine in these beverages can counteract the intoxicating effects of alcohol and make it easier for you to drink more than usual without getting drunk. However, this also means that if you have not been drinking regularly before adding caffeine into your system (and therefore are not used to feeling drunk), then this will likely result in a more intense hangover than usual.

If this seems like an attractive option though—especially if your social life revolves around bars where drinks are usually served together—it might be worth checking out some before trying it out yourself!


  • Mixing fruit juice with a sweet or sugary dessert can be dangerous. The sugar in the juice will make you feel sick, bloated and tired. It can also cause dehydration so don't drink too much!

  • If you want to enjoy this combo at home:

  • Bring some water or milk to boil in a pan on the stovetop; add some honey (or stevia). Let it simmer for about 10 minutes until it reduces slightly into syrup consistency; mix together with some ice cubes if desired; serve over ice cubes if desired!


If you're a fan of spicy food, it's important to know that there are some ingredients that can cause stomach problems. The capsaicin in chilli peppers is one of them—the more spicy foods you eat, the more your body will become resistant to it.

This makes sense: if you're eating something hot all day long and suddenly have a big bowlful of spaghetti sauce or chilli con carne at dinner time, your stomach may be irritated by the heat (and who wants that?). So even though this combo sounds delicious and trendy right now—think tacos with pico de gallo and guacamole—it might not be so good for you over time!


Bread and eggs is a bad combination. Eggs are high in cholesterol, which can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. And bread is a carbohydrate, which means it spikes blood sugar levels—and that can lead to obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Eggs contain about 6 grams of protein per egg, but the American Heart Association recommends that you get no more than 30 percent of your daily calories from protein foods like meat or fish (for reference). Bread has plenty of sodium—an added bonus if you're trying to lose weight! But when we look at all other aspects of this meal combo: calories from fat make up 30 percent while carbohydrates make up 40 percent; they both contain lots of empty calories (meaning they don't provide any nutrition).

It's very bad for you to pair these foods and drinks together, so avoid them

  • Don't drink coffee or tea with alcohol.

  • Don't eat pickles with coffee or tea.

  • Don't eat salad with dessert.

  • Don't eat bread with eggs, as it can cause cramps in the stomach and constipation if you don't have enough fiber in your diet to absorb all of the fiber in the meal (which won't happen if you're eating a healthy diet).


If you have a problem with food combinations, then it's good to look into it and see if there is anything that can be done. You may need help from a nutritionist or doctor in order to achieve your goal of losing weight safely and healthily.

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