Dogecoin is Heading to Zero, According to Industry Panel

 Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that has been around for more than a year, is on its way to zero. According to a recent survey by comparison website, 71% of respondents said they think it's time to get out of DOGE and sell.

The online poll asked 516 people if they think the price of Dogecoin is going down or staying the same in the next month. The majority replied that they think it will continue to fall (54%), while 15% believe that it will rise over the next month and 8% believe that it will reach its all-time high again.

Dogecoin was launched as a joke currency in 2013 but has since become somewhat of a meme, thanks in part to its use as an alternative payment method for Reddit users who want to tip each other for posting exceptional content. In addition, many people have used it as an investment vehicle because it's relatively cheap compared to other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

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